Sunday AM Services cancelled due to restrictions resulting from the recent outbreak in Sydney. There will be no livestreaming this weekend. Instead we are having a zoom meeting instead. Please contact Pastor Grant for the details 

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July 11, 2021

Matthew 7 24-27

Speaker: Jonny Lam Series: Overflow Passage: Matthew 7:24–7:27

July 4, 2021

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Speaker: Grant Jones Series: Overflow Passage: Matthew 18:21–18:35

May 9, 2021

The Great Commission

Speaker: Nathan Croot Series: Overflow Passage: Matthew 28:16–28:20

October 11, 2020

Formal Launch of Eastwood Community Baptist Church

Speaker: Jonny Lam Passage: Matthew 13:31–13:33